25 Examples Of Ecommerce Websites With Fantastic Designs

Digitally distracted customers want instant information, especially on mobile devices. So you need to serve them with quick access to the products they crave. A homepage is the first touchpoint between you and a potential customer — you can think of it as a digital storefront for your online business. With roughly three seconds to make a good impression, you need to be strategic with your design choices on your homepage. Building an ecommerce platform can be tricky, and without the help of experts, it is a project that can quickly fall apart. Having a complete understanding of the tools you’re working with.

  • Payment methods are another potential barrier for e-commerce shoppers.
  • Thus, PWA is another great way to leverage mobile experience as well.
  • The buyer can select the color, add a name for personalization, choose to see the product before it ships, and add messages and notes.
  • Whether you are launching your first online store or your one hundredth, BigCommerce provides the support you need through each and every stage of your growth.
  • The quality of your content is important, as you need to make customers understand why they need your products.
  • It’s equally important that you use only high-quality photos for this purpose.
  • My last example is the unique experience of urbanears.com.

Upon scrolling down, the page reveals a testimonial slider and a persuasive Why Shop With Us section. All of these elements work together to eliminate potential obstacles in the customer journey. As a result, visitors should feel more confident about making a transaction. The homepage answers essential questions about the product, such as its benefits and how to use it efficiently.

Decide On What To Sell And Choose A Business Model

Here are a couple of brands that do a really good job displaying products and providing info. Wow, I am really impressed by your list of Divi E-commerce theme. Lots of them are included in package plans offered by popular eCommerce platforms. Of all analytics tools, Google Analytics is the most common. Google Analytics helps measure SEO performance, understand different sources of customers, your best-viewed web pages and more.

e-commerce website example

These are the basic requirements to start a successful eCommerce website in 2022. We have weighed up and down many factors to consolidate the list. Hope it helps you gain some great insights for your eCommerce plan. Statistically speaking, with every $1 spent on email marketing, you get $37 in revenue. Generally, expert eCommerce marketers expect email marketing to generate at least 30% of the brand’s revenue.

A playful touch can be a good addition, but make sure that usability is the main goal. Also notice the process indicator, something that a lot of other shops also do but not nearly as well as Bonobos. Regardless, there are ways to make the e-commerce experience brilliant. The five topics below are things to keep in mind when creating/optimizing an e-commerce website.

What Ecommerce Platform Should I Use?

Some website builders make these tasks needlessly difficult — if not impossible — by preventing you from customizing or even accessing the things you’d need to optimize. However, the best eCommerce platforms go the opposite route and let you edit everything you need to, through a convenient, easy-to-use interface. There are also a couple of ways you can “teach” search engines how to crawl and index your site. An XML sitemap will list your pages and how they relate to each other, serving as a map for search engine robots. These robots can be given further instruction with the robots.txt file, in which you can list pages that should not be crawled or indexed (like utility pages such as “View Cart”).

This beautifully designed online florist website is an excellent example of a simple yet remarkable eCommerce store. For instance, it has a testimonial slider with quotes from noteworthy publications. Near the bottom of the page, you can find a collection of customer reviews as well. This Icelandic telecommunications company has a one-of-a-kind microsite dedicated to its smart home devices. By using an animated 3D house model, it becomes an interactive product demonstration website for Nova’s products. Branding is an important factor in creating the right emotion.

Though this microsite is best viewed on desktop screens, the website design translates well to mobile devices. The top navigation bar transforms into a handy hamburger menu, and the buttons remain visible. One of the most important things to keep in mind when developing an e-commerce platform is to provide the best experience possible in order to keep customers satisfied.

Speaking of saving information for later, give customers the chance to sign up for a store account near the end of the checkout process. At this point, the customer has already decided to buy from you and enter their data, so they’re more likely to sign up just for the convenience of saving it. Don’t force customers to sign up before checking out — or at all, for that matter, unless your business’s structure absolutely relies on customer membership with your site. The second convenient feature is the ability to save a cart for later. This means the customer can save the state of their shopping cart, complete with all items, to be accessible from their account when they return to your website. Some customers also like to start shopping from one device and then finish the purchase on another, and saved carts allow them to do that.

The product pages have custom styling, which includes the tabs of the description area. Under the product is a suggested product within a styled box. Tarte and Berry displays the products in a full-screen slider using the Ken Burns effect and a shop CTA.

However, a single-page checkout isn’t perfect for all businesses. For example, some payment gateways require a multiple-page checkout. When building your website, keep your goals as a business in the forefront of your mind. To meet this goal, it’s crucial that you build your website around your products. Your website’s layout should support your products and your ability to get the customer to see them.

They also do a very good job in highlighting different types of occasions when the product can be used. SimiCart is an expert in mobile commerce with over 10 years of experience. We provide a complete solution to build iOS & Android mobile apps and PWA for Magento merchants.

Easy Navigation

Many e-commerce website builders include templates that come with built-in social media buttons, enabling users to click through to your social media profiles from your website. Etsy, for example, has links to their Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube pages. If your e-commerce design doesn’t work as well on smaller screens, you’re likely losing a substantial number of potential sales. For example, text in images may be perfectly legible on a computer, but too small for users to read if they’re visiting on their phone.

Each of them offers different creative ideas, so take a look at them to decide which elements to incorporate into your site. Include different payment methods like debit or credit cards, online payment gateways like PayPal and Stripe, and other payment options like cash on delivery. On the other hand, if you prefer more control over your site, choose a self-hosted eCommerce platform. Keep in mind that self-hosted platforms require more time and effort to set up and maintain.

e-commerce website example

This isn’t a personal judgment whatsoever — rather, it’s the inevitable side effect of having millions of websites available at any given time. We are overwhelmed with choice, so we need to be selective. If a website doesn’t load fast enough, we know there are others out there that won’t waste our time.

Navigation has always been essential for travel across land, sea, and air. This is why responsive design is considered the best approach to making a website mobile-friendly. A responsive website adapts to different devices of different sizes, which makes it easy to use whether the visitor is browsing from mobile or desktop. Responsive design also prevents the problem of a website’s “mobile version” only looking its best on one particular device size. It’s even worse when all the information we did put in is gone and needs to be redone, in which case we may abandon the website out of pure irritation.

You can bring this up to the next level by personalizing your email marketing newsletters to include product recommendations based on past purchases. As a business owner, base your design decisions on first-hand customer data and feedback rather than common wisdom. This way, you’ll create a unique user experience that makes a mark with your target audience and makes them more loyal to your brand. BigCommerce is an open-SaaS platform, meaning our technical infrastructure can be easily connected with an array of other applications through APIs.

In some cases, the customer must pay to ship a returned item back to the retailer. Augmented reality technology is expected to improve customers’ ability to examine and test e-commerce products. Consumer-to-business is a type of e-commerce in which consumers make their products and services available online for companies to bid on and purchase. This is the opposite of the traditional commerce model of B2C. Recommended items, based on a customer’s browsing history, can also be very helpful. Even though on a base level, customers know these recommendations are automatically provided based on settings in your store, it still makes them feel like you’re paying attention.


22% of websites’ first-time visitors are captivated by eye-catching colors. On the other hand, if the colors are too outlandish, 21% will leave. As customers are so used to these speedy experiences, they expect every other site to be the same.

The Scruffy Gentleman provides a product search box under the header followed by a full-width background image in parallax. Featured products scroll over it and overlap the next section of featured products. Another section shows a CTA in parallax followed by new items in the store. The shop page follows a similar design and adds a WooCommerce sidebar.

e-commerce website example

Purple, orange, and green are secondary colors, resulting from the mixture of primary colors. Tertiary colors are mixtures of primary and secondary colors. Guide to everything you need to know about ecommerce website development. If you need to explain each new step, the selected design isn’t working for your brand. These can help prevent legal issues that may arise and communicate clearly to your customers that a site’s adherence. The fines for infractions are steep — it is better for organizations to stay ahead of them.

150+ Very Good Ecommerce Themes

Payment methods are another potential barrier for e-commerce shoppers. While some payment methods may be difficult for stores to accept, such as cryptocurrencies, vendors should still make an effort to take as many common payment methods as they can. Mobile customers should be able to pay through a mobile wallet like Apple Pay or Google Pay to minimize friction. Today, anyone can build a website that looks great, runs fast, and has all the features you need to run a successful business. For an online store, the best option is to use an eCommerce platform, which is geared toward selling online rather than just building a regular website.

Best Status Page Examples: Advanced Customization, Design, And Incident Reports

Image masks are often used to add interesting shapes to images. They allow the image to peek through the shape, giving the how to create ecommerce website page a unique design element. With Divi’s Gradient Builder, you don’t necessarily have to use masks to create shapes.

Consumer-to-consumer is a type of e-commerce in which consumers trade products, services and information with each other online. These transactions are generally conducted through a third party that provides an online platform on which the transactions are carried out. The call to action is how you tell customers the next step to take. Each CTA is dependent on what you want the customer to do, whether it’s to sign up for your newsletter, create an account, or add an item to their shopping cart. CTAs are most effective when there’s a single one on any given page, because this allows the CTA to draw the maximum amount of attention.

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Your e-commerce website is your main connection to digital audiences, so the design choices you make have a substantial effect on engagement and sales. While you should customize the site to your unique needs, it’s important to follow some basic best practices https://globalcloudteam.com/ to realize your full potential. These six elements are vital for any e-commerce brand that wants to succeed in 2022. There’s nothing wrong with having a unique e-commerce design, but too much change can backfire by making your site less approachable.

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